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Gloria ProductionGloria Production
Gloria Production is a Rental Company based in Bali. Friday, 27 July 2018, Gloria Production support lighting for "Panggelaran Cinta Putih" by Anna Avantie in Rumah Luwih, Bali. Gloria Production use our lighting to create ambience for this event.
Technical Talk with MNC Pictures
Monday, 16 July 2018
We had an amazing Technical Talk in MNC Pictures with all producer and crew. This Technical Talk was delivered by Richard Mckitty and John from LEE Filter UK. They explain about LEE Filter, how to maintain and how to use LEE Filter correctly. The Audience was very enthusiastic and interchangeably want to ask the speakers. This technical talk lasts for 2 hours.
Techno Lighting
Techno Lighting Located in Semarang, Techno Lighting is the biggest rental and lighting conceptor specialist, has made a substantial investment in Orios moving lights with the purchase of Orios Monster Beam.

The Monster is a “real monster light” he says. It is clearly multi-functional and ideal for many applications, from the decorum of wedding events to the vibrancy of global concerts, and able to draw the show around how the lighting and video need to play together to create that global lighting experience, both on stage and in the crowd.
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Glossary of the Most Important Lighting Terms

Glossary of the Most Important Lighting Terms

As with any technical or scientific, lighting technology has its own special, lighting technology has its own special terms and concepts for defining the characteristics of lamps and fixture and for standarizing the units of measurement.

The most important terms are describe here

Luminious flux
Unit of measurement: lumen (lm)
Luminious flux is all the radiated power emitted by a light souce evaluated with the spectral sensitivity of the eye and the photometric radiation equivalent k.

Luminous internsity I
Unit of measurement: candela (cd)
Generally speaking, a light source emits its luminious
flux in different direction and at different intensities.

Luminious intensity is the luminious flux radiated in a particular direction (solid angel)

Illuminance E
Unit of Measurement: lux (lx)
Illuminance E is the ration between the luminous flux and the are being illuminated

An illuminance of 1 lx occurs when a luminious flux of 1 lm is evenly distributed over an area of 1 m2

Luminance L
Unit of measurement: candela per square meter (cd/m2)
The luminance L of a light source or an illuminated area is a measurement of the impression of brightness

Luminious efficacy n
Unit of measurement: lumen per watt (lm/w)
Luminious efficacy n indicates the efficiency with which the electrical power consumed is converted into light

Light and radiation
Light is taken to mean the electromagnetic radiation that the human eye perceives as brightness, in other words that par of the spectrum that can be seen. This is the radiation between 380 and 780 nm, a tiny fraction of the known spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.